How It Works

How it Works

From JUST $29.00 per week.

Step 1: Student Asssessment

Each child is assessed across multiple years of the curriculum to find any knowledge gaps holding your child back. This is a very important stage of the tutoring process.

For Maths the assessment phase takes up to 45 mins and provides you a full report on your child’s Maths competency.

The Maths Doctor assessment clearly identifies and corrects any missed concepts

Step 2: Personalised Learning

Using the results of the assessment we create a lesson plan especially for your child. Every Monday, the lesson plan is updated and your child is given a new list of activities for the week to complete. Essentially the lesson plan takes your child through 3 learning stages.

Revision and catch up: When starting the program, the lesson plan will target the knowledge gaps identified by the assessment. By filling these gaps children become much more confident and ready to learn what is being taught in class.

Consolidation: Once the child has caught up, they are ready to consolidate and practise what is being taught in class. This is a very exciting time for children as they are beginning to “get it”.

Extension: Once they have consolidated what is being taught in class, children are ready to start progressing ahead of the class. These children begin to find school much easier and saves them time doing school homework. Using the results of the assessment we create a lesson plan especially for your child.

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    Step 3: Tutor Support

    Maths Support: Our weekly lesson plans ensure that children have the support and direction they need to work at their own pace throughout the curriculum. Even though every activity provides instant feedback, and Maths Wiz teaches, skill builds, revises and tests we realise that sometimes children need more help.

    If your child is ever stuck on a question or they don’t seem to understand something, they can discuss it with their tutor, up to 10 hours per week.

    • No additional charge for use (up to 10 hours per week).
    • Available from 4pm to 7:30pm, Monday to Thursday.
    • Use latest technology including screen sharing and whiteboard technology to more clearly explain concepts to children.
    • If children are stuck with school homework our tutors can give direction on which lessons to complete in the program.


    Step 4: Rewards & Motivation

    For some children, doing better in school is not enough motivation or reward. We get that! To help with this we implemented a rewards program where students earn points as they learn. The cool thing is they get to spend these points to enter competitions; to win real prizes or even better, buy real prizes from our incentive store such as movie tickets, iTunes cards or store vouchers. You will be surprised how children respond to a little encouragement and reward – it really does help.