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What are the Tutoring Solutions?


For a limited time we are offering a TWO for ONE Package.  Enroll one student and we will tutor a second sibling in the same subjects FREE OF CHARGE.


Experts are now recommending all students have an Individual Learning Program. Part of our success is that we’ve been doing that for years.

The core of our system is the analytical program known as the “Maths Doctor” assessment. This program will identify any knowledge gaps from the past that may be holding your child back. From this information the Maths Doctor then creates an individual lesson plan for your child to target those gaps. Every week your child will be given a new lesson plan for the next week, so they always know what to do next – you never have to guess.

Combine Online Learning with Tutor Support

Tutoring Solutions with Student Assessment



We assess your child to
find out what they know
and do not know.

Tutoring Solutions with Personalised Learning



Every week we create
an online lesson plan
especially for your child.

Tutoring Solutions wit Tutor Support


Tutor Support

You d your child can
just pick up the phone
and get support from a

Tutoring Solutions with Rewards and Motivation


Rewards &

Earn points as you
learn. Cash in for real
rewards such as movie

Success Stories

Mrs Frost, mother of Year 8 student, Victoria

Ben has enjoyed using this package
and it has helped him quite
significantly in both homework
and exams.

Mrs Frost, mother of Year 8 student, Victoria

Mr Johns, father of Year 11 student, NSW

Amanda has found the Preliminary Program
extremely helpful as it follows precisely the
course studied at school…The program has
certainly improved not only her knowledge but
also her confidence in her ability, so much so
that she has topped her class in several tests
and in the half-yearly exams.

Mr Johns, father of Year 11 student, NSW

Parent of Zac, grade 5, WA

I like that it provides Zac with a challenge.
He likes to go back to improve his last score.
I really like the audio part that explains
the problems with an Australian accent.
It makes it very clear what to do.

Parent of Zac, grade 5, WA

This is such a valuable programme

I am so amazed at the improvement in my children’s learning.
The support through available phone tutors for my children
and the regular calls from the tutors to check in with me,
ensuring that we are on the same page and that they
have a correct picture of my child’s learning and
requirements makes this program effective for my kids.
Definitely worth the small charge that we pay.
Thank you for offering a great program.

Lorraine, Adelaide, SA

Wish I had started my daughter sooner!

I cannot believe
how much my girls have improved! Their confidence in
their own ability has tripled and they have almost
reached their class level of learning and will have
achieved this by the end of the year. I truly cannot
thank the fabulous tutors enough because without
the program – I honestly think the girls
would be lacking confidence and struggling to
comprehend lessons. I don’t have to fight with
the girls to do this extra work because they can
do it when it suits them and at their own pace and
level of ability. All I can say is that this is a
wonderful program and it does exactly what it claims
to do – help.