The Tutoring Solutions Story

We built our business based on the following questions:

  • How can we create an “In Home” tutoring business that is truly affordable for all families?

  • How can we keep the costs down without devaluing the service?

  • How can we provide “Live Tutor Support”?

  • How can we help our students to reach their potential?

  • How do we fill the obvious ever – widening gaps in our education system, both Public and Private?

  • What support can we provide to enhance the school experience?

  • How do we restore the joy of learning?

  • How do we return to each student that confidence and self-esteem they once enjoyed?

  • How do we assess any damage done from previous experiences?

  • How can we correct any missed concepts from the past?

With all of that in mind, Tutoring Solutions is a concept of The Australian Academy of Maths & English and Kinetic Education. These two companies have a combined tutoring experience of over 40 years, and have helped in excess of 80,000 students. The programs support the National Curriculum and are written by a team of professional teachers, educators and psychologists. All of whom are dedicated to helping Australian Students reach their full potential.

The programs known as “Maths Wiz and English Wiz” have been created for those students who wish to study in the privacy and safety of their own homes, but still have access to live tutor support.

Excellent for “time poor” parents. No dropping off,
sitting around waiting, then driving home.
Mum, just think what you could do in those 2 extra hours!
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    We take pride in our students achievements.

    The programs are:

    • Interactive and fun so our children learn the way they were meant to learn when they were young. (Much better and more satisfying than boring old worksheets).

    • Lessons and tests are automatically corrected with step by step solutions, so we take the pain out of mistakes giving instant feedback and encouragement.

    • Remember those teachers who loved children and had the capacity to open their minds up to the joy of learning. This is the way our tutors operate today.

    • Our programs record everything your children do, so our tutors can provide encouragement and guidance and structure the program to meet the individual needs of each individual student.

    • A structured course written to the national curriculum being used in each State or Territory so we can support all that is happening at school. We can fill in the gaps missed in the past, assist with the understanding and practice of current work, all conducted in the privacy and safety of your own home, backed up and supported by our enthusiastic tutors.

    These programs are all written by Australian Teachers for Australian students with NO IMPORTED CONTENT.

    Each Australian State and Territory has its own Year 11 and 12 curriculum. Maths Wiz and English Wiz are developed syllabus software to cover this work. Do not be mistaken, some organisations will tell you that Maths is Maths wherever you go.

    Our Mission

    To provide high quality tutoring in
    Maths and English
    for all Australian children,
    at a cost affordable to all Australian families.

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    What Parents are Saying

    The children enjoy the program immensely. It is great for learning new concepts and strategies which they can practice in the classroom. It builds confidence in their own skills so they are relaxed and happy in the classroom because they already understand the basics. It reassures the kids that they have knowledge and can tackle classroom work more independently and successfully.