Online Tutoring Perth

With all of that in mind, Tutoring Solutions is a concept of The Australian Academy of Maths & English and Kinetic Education. These two companies have a combined tutoring experience of over 40 years, and have helped in excess of 80,000 students.

Online Tutoring Perth

Don’t you wish as a parent that the home-based schooling your child has been receiving for the last couple of years does not take away the joy of learning amidst friends at school? Or that they experience the same level of personal interaction and interest as when learning in a real classroom?

At Tutoring Solutions, we offer you an online tutoring service in Perth that does all of this and more. We are a collaboration between two frontrunners in the field of school education in Australia: The Australian Academy of Maths and English and Kinetic Education. When we started out 40 years ago, we too, like you, had some questions regarding the education system. We felt that we needed a different way of enhancing and supporting the school education system of our country. This is how we decided to embark upon the Individual Learning Program method of teaching, which keeps your child at the centre of everything related to education.

Currently, we offer online tutoring services to the students of Perth in the subjects of Maths and English for all levels starting from kindergarten to class 12. For classes 11 and 12, our online tutoring programs for Perth include Chemistry, Biology and Physics too. Our Maths Wiz and English Wiz programs are especially famous among school students.

Our course content for online tutoring for Perth is as per the National Curriculum, and we assume a holistic approach, taking into consideration your child’s past performance too. We first assess if what your child has learnt to date is up to the mark or not and offer remedial solutions accordingly. The further aspects of our online tutoring for Perth progress as per your child’s performance.

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Combine Online Learning with Tutor Support

Tutoring Solutions with Student Assessment



We assess your child to find out what they know and do not know.

Tutoring Solutions with Personalised Learning


Every week we create an online lesson plan especially for your child.
Tutoring Solutions wit Tutor Support



Your child can
just pick up the phone
and get support from a

Tutoring Solutions with Rewards and Motivation


Rewards &

Earn points as you
learn. Cash in for real
rewards such as movie

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