Online Tutoring Melbourne

With all of that in mind, Tutoring Solutions is a concept of The Australian Academy of Maths & English and Kinetic Education. These two companies have a combined tutoring experience of over 40 years, and have helped in excess of 80,000 students.

Online Tutoring Melbourne

If you are looking for an online tutoring service in Melbourne that does full justice to both your child’s intellectual abilities as well as their academic needs, then our online coaching institute, Tutoring Solutions, is the perfect fit for you.

We do much more than just explain the subjects of the class-wise national Australian curriculum to students and take tests and exams. The unique teaching approach of our online tutoring program for Melbourne covers all aspects of your child’s educational requirements. It is based on a pattern of learning in different stages and is perfect for recognising each individual student’s learning potential and enabling them to do their best and go beyond.

At Tutoring Solutions, we provide online maths and English tutoring for all classes starting from kindergarten to class 12 in Melbourne. We also teach Chemistry, Physics and Biology to classes 11 and 12. We have been in the business of teaching young students for the last 4 decades and have 80,000 and more success stories to talk about.

There has been more stress on individual learning programs of late, but we humbly state that we have been doing so for a long time now. Our core belief is that each student is unique in their learning potential, grasping ability and personality, so why should the learning content be uniform for all? The focus of our online tutoring service for Melbourne is each individual student, and after making a brief assessment of their current proficiency in academics, we devise a learning program for each of them that changes on a weekly basis.

Finally, a personal tutor for each student who provides up to 10 hours of teaching support every week means that your child always has someone to use as a sounding board whenever needed. Call us today to know more.

Combine Online Learning with Tutor Support

Tutoring Solutions with Student Assessment



We assess your child to find out what they know and do not know.

Tutoring Solutions with Personalised Learning


Every week we create an online lesson plan especially for your child.
Tutoring Solutions wit Tutor Support



Your child can
just pick up the phone
and get support from a

Tutoring Solutions with Rewards and Motivation


Rewards &

Earn points as you
learn. Cash in for real
rewards such as movie

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