Online Maths Tutoring Melbourne

With all of that in mind, Tutoring Solutions is a concept of The Australian Academy of Maths & English and Kinetic Education. These two companies have a combined tutoring experience of over 40 years, and have helped in excess of 80,000 students.

Online Maths Tutoring Melbourne

As a resident of Melbourne, are you on the lookout for an online maths tutoring program? One that understands the intellectual level of your child and delivers teaching content accordingly. Which takes into consideration the past learning and knowledge gained to date by your child?

When you choose us, Tutoring Solutions, you choose wisely and well. For our 4 decades of teaching experience and establishing a headcount of 80,000 students successfully coached in maths, speak for themselves. Apart from offering online maths tutoring to students of Melbourne, we also support home-based students in other parts of Australia like Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and New South Wales, to name just a few locations out of a bigger list.

If we were to talk about every single student and your child, in particular, we have our online maths tutoring program for Melbourne cut-out for our students individually. We first assess the level of each student’s proficiency in maths to the point of their current class or grade and determine if there are any areas that need special attention and improvement. Then, our weekly maths tutoring programs are created based on this information and the overall capacity of your child. We also have online tutors for maths in Melbourne who are there for their students the entire way through. So, our students can pick up the phone no matter what hour it is, if there is an urgent question or query at their end.

But our comprehensive and thoughtfully-created online maths tutoring program for Melbourne does not end with the above. We also constantly motivate our students for their performance and achievements by offering small rewards like movie tickets which they can enjoy later.

Overall, with Tutoring Solutions, you have found the ideal teaching partner for your child. Contact us today.

Combine Online Learning with Tutor Support

Tutoring Solutions with Student Assessment



We assess your child to find out what they know and do not know.

Tutoring Solutions with Personalised Learning


Every week we create an online lesson plan especially for your child.
Tutoring Solutions wit Tutor Support



Your child can
just pick up the phone
and get support from a

Tutoring Solutions with Rewards and Motivation


Rewards &

Earn points as you
learn. Cash in for real
rewards such as movie

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