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Success Stories

Hear what our students and parents at Tutoring Solutions are all raving about. This is the reason why we get so excited.

For each subject, after a topic was completed in class, I would use the program to build and deepen my understanding of each topic. The multiple choice questions reinforced the core concepts and I found the theory at the start of each topic to be extremely beneficial towards my studies since it outlined simply what I needed to have a grasp of.

Sherry • Commerce/Law

The ‘Maths and English Wiz’ programs assisted me with school and were easy to use.  I found that what I had learned at school was reinforced with the lessons in the program when I got back home. It allows you to review any key concepts at home so you can be sure you understand them. I liked the fact that it allowed me to prepare for outcomes and exams.

Ingrid • Dental Health

Before using the program I was failing English, now I’m getting 75%. In Maths I was getting 80%, but now I’m getting 100%. I topped the class; I even corrected the teacher with Algebra on more than one occasion! I’m really happy with that. I’m feeling a lot of confidence now.

Masrur • Year 11 Student

Maths Wiz is really exciting, it never gets boring… When I started using Maths Wiz, it was fantastic. I went from a C to a B minus, to a B plus, to an A.

Ebony • Grade 5 Student